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5 participants
Habitué du coin
Habitué du coin

Nombre de messages : 153
Age : 72
Localisation : Embourg (région Liège) Belgique
Mon Brompton: : Régis 6 vitesses plateau 44,noir/gris, le plus grand des sacs, tige de selle télescopique
Date d'inscription : 09/04/2008

Il a été baptisé ! Empty
MessageSujet: Il a été baptisé !   Il a été baptisé ! EmptySam 31 Mai 2008, 11:13

Depuis un mois d'utilisation j'étais arrivé à passer entre les averses et mon Brom "Pilpoil" n'avait pas encore connu la pluie.
C'est chose faite depuis ce jeudi matin (pour les membres éloignés de la région Liégeoise, il est tombé en 5 minutes l'équivalent de 1 mois de pluie..) Il a été baptisé ! Temps18
J'ai fait le trajet le plus court possible depuis ma place de parking, avec poncho, bonnet et capuchon + les phares allumés.
Premières constatations : la tenue de route ne me semble pas différente; je craignais de ne plus avoir de freins, ce n'est pas le cas; la position de roulage permet au poncho d'être bien couvrant, le guidon ets bien tenu sans devoir tirer sur le tissu; l'imperméabilité du tout grand sac est très efficace.
Bien-sûr dans d'aussi extrêmes conditions de roulage je n'ai pas pris de risques et préféré une arrivée tardive que pas d'arrivée du tout et, je répète, le trajet a été de courte durée.
Mais une fois encore le Brompton semble bien convenir
à mon programme d'utilisation. Il a été baptisé ! Pompom
Je ne vais pas souhaiter la pluie et le mauvais temps tous les jours, mais je serai curieux de connaître de telles conditions météo, pour voir.
A bientôt pour d'autres commentaires Il a été baptisé ! 248248
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Vénérable Grand Maître
Vénérable Grand Maître

Nombre de messages : 1735
Age : 47
Localisation : Belgique
Mon Brompton: : Ralph 6 vitesses, vert/noir (M6L)
Date d'inscription : 26/03/2007

Il a été baptisé ! Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Il a été baptisé !   Il a été baptisé ! EmptySam 31 Mai 2008, 12:09

N'oublie pas de nettoyer et à "re-huiler" ta chaine après des pluies pareilles...
La place St Lambert sous la boue, ça fout un choc tout de même !
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Vénérable Grand Maître
Vénérable Grand Maître

Nombre de messages : 1827
Age : 56
Localisation : Hauts de Seine
Mon Brompton: : M6R
Date d'inscription : 04/10/2007

Il a été baptisé ! Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Il a été baptisé !   Il a été baptisé ! EmptySam 31 Mai 2008, 12:13

Hier, à la rando PRV, ils ont distibué des tracts pour la manifestation du 7 juin :

Vergougneu, tu devrais y aller avec ton Brompton. Il ne te resterait plus qu'à changer son nom en "Pil à poil" ! Il a été baptisé ! Lol Il a été baptisé ! Mortderi lol! Il a été baptisé ! Laughing Il a été baptisé ! Je_sors
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Héros sportif
Héros sportif

Nombre de messages : 1224
Age : 24
Localisation : Nice
Date d'inscription : 19/05/2007

Il a été baptisé ! Empty
MessageSujet: Le nom de votre Brompton   Il a été baptisé ! EmptyDim 01 Juin 2008, 15:42

Très intéressante ton Post Vergougneu.
Je pense que notre modérateur Fredo devrait créer une rubrique:

"Noms de Brompton"

Mais les anglais ont pris une sacrée avance sur nous depuis longtemps avec une imagination débordante flower king geek Voir ICI en anglais: Il a été baptisé ! Lol

Je pense que ça pourrait faire l'objet d'une thèse de psychiatrie Il a été baptisé ! 248248

Names of Bromptons (all truely silly)

Publish and patent your Brompton's name on Brompton-Talk before someone steals it!
Can't think of a name for your Brompton? Steal one from here!

Hardware IDs

Richard Lighton, Dec 1998:
[After numerous adventures of Arnold, the brave Brompton]
Why "Arnold" did I hear you ask? Well, when I got my T5 in August, I decided that it needed a name. Nobody came up with one at the time, but when I made mention of the T5 later in the day, my son made a comment that it sounded like a very early model Terminator. So immediately my daughter named the bike "Arnold."
(In the movies "Terminator" and "Terminator 2," Arnold Schwartzenegger (sp?) plays an Android, a Terminator Model 800. In "Terminator 2" he has to deal with a Terminator Model 1000.)

Freeman Ng, Aug 1998:
I've named mine "Lookfar" (and plan to paint eyes on each side of the main tube.)
David Edge, Aug 1998:
Mine is called Eric the Brompton, although all of my bikes are called Eric (Monty Python) so it hasn't really got a name. My wife's is called Harissa because she (the bike) is red and nippy. (Harissa is a red chilli paste from North Africa).

Chris Eacock, Aug 1998:
my t-5 is called the Gator after a line in "The Big Easy".
After being rebuffed by Ellen Barkin, Randy Quaid asks
"If I can't have you, can I at least have my Gator?"

Dave H, Aug 1998:
Most of the names I have aren't printable - I call the bike my mistress as it forms the menage a trois with my partner, I spend more on it then I do on her at times (most) and I'd almost sleep with it but I'd get oil on the sheets.
PS we've been together now for nearly 9 years and only 6 new rear ends, 3 new mainframes, and 4 front ends later....

Ann Jones, Aug 1998:
Mine's called Morticia, no other reason really than she's black and sexy (so menfolk over the years have told me).
Her garage-mates are Buttercup the mountain bike (because she's yellow and if I recall, the Goodies had a triplet of the same name) and Alice the Vauxhall Astra (there ends the colour theme). Strangely my fiance hasn't named his bikes or trike, he's way too sensible if you ask me :-)

Liduine Reuser, Sep 1998:
Tonnie Brom (In english Tony Brom) has a very special place in my house : in the livingroom, next to the computerdesk. The place in the house where I spend most of my time... In the office, he of course is next to my desk. While commuting, he just fits in between 2 seats (in these dutch trains where the seats are placed with the back to each other). An other very special place is in the pub in Amsterdam where I frequently go. His place is under a small staircase, the place is almost as small as in the trains, it is like they built that staircase just for Tony !

Stephen W. Butler, Oct 1998:
What do I call my bike?
Until I was caused to think about it, it has simply been referred to as the Brompton. It does deserve a name and I have decided upon "Eeyore". With apologies to A. A. Milne, Eeyore is a beast of burden with a peculiar sense of humor. I also consider Eeyore to be short for "English Origami".

JP Desbruèhres, Oct 1998: (c'est celui de l'histoire de l'arrestation par 30 guerriers en gare de Lyon flower ) Il a été baptisé ! Drapeau2
My Brompton is called "Rossinante" the French version of the famous Don Quichotte de la Mancha mount. Read Cervantes, it's a beautiful 500 pages story.

Simon Risley, Nov 1998:
Mine's called "THRUST II" - christened not by me, but my colleagues, as I'd arrived at work having just clocked 35mph one morning (well, it was down Wimbledon Hill, but I still had to pedal like mad!) and it was only a very short time after the British "THRUST I" broke the land speed record on the Nevada salt flats. Apparently it was going even faster, but this I find hard to believe.

Alan Bennett, Jul 1999:
This last weekend my yellow L-5, the "Killer Bee" and I took part in the...

Koichi Yoshino, Oct 1999:
I call my T3 "Bro-ko" though it is made in UK. "-ko" is used for female name in Japan. For example, Kyo-ko, Yo-ko, Nori-ko, etc. I think Bro-ko sounds very pretty in Japanese.

The roots of Brompton itself

Les racines propres du Brompton

Liduine Reuser, Oct 1998:
I met another Bromptonner in the train [...] He replaced the Brompton-sticker by another one (it says : "I think therefore I bike"), because, he said, he didn't like the word Brompton because it means a sort of a cocktail of heroine, cocaine and whiskey, which doctors formerly used to give to people who were soon going to die...

Dr Charles Ebrill, Oct 98:
I can remember using (prescribing) this. At the time there was little in the way of effective/palatable oral strong painkillers. I think there were various recipes and I think contained honey and other ingredients as well. The name came because it was developed at the Brompton Hospital.

Channell Wasson, Oct 1998:
Yes the Brompton cocktail. Very appropriate for America's halloween season! But don't drink and ride. You only try it once --then it ushers you out with visions of angels flooding your thoughts! It's of English origin. A knowledgable doctor friend from London once told me it's "A compassionate concoction used sparingly in hopeless cases, and named after the large London hospital on the Brompton Road. Brompton's designer, Andrew Ritchie, lived (lives?) on the Brompton Road- thus the bike's name. But lots of things happen on the Brompton Road.

John Blackburn, Jun 1999:
Brompton (or Bromton), Middlesex, dates back to 1309. There are many other Bromptons, some mentioned in the Domesday Book. It means "The TUN (fence, or enclosure) where the Broom grows". (Oxford Dictionary of English Place-names, ed. Eilert Ekwall).
Now in those days we talked really funny. Gadzooks, yes.

PHolden960, Jun 1999:
I was interested to note while in London that there is a section called Brompton, south of Hyde Park west of Knightsbridge thru which runs Old Brompton Road.
Thought that might have been the original site of the factory; but, as JB mentions, apparently this is a fairly common place name, and someone in London indicated that there was not a connection to this area.
Or was there?

Rob Cope, Jun 1999:
Designer Andrew Ritchie lived there: think he still does.

The Brompton patent

Brevet du Brompton

Andrew Henry, Jan 100:
You can read the patent at http://l2.espacenet.com/dips/viewer?PN=GB1580048&CY=gb&LG=en&DB=EPD
With patents, they start out with the first claim being very general and gradually get more specific. They are only a license to sue someone - if you don't prosecute them then they can ignore your patent completely, and it may cost you more to do this than to forget about them. A court might see infringing a very broad claim as being not too bad.
The patent includes a diagram of a 1980 Brompton, which looks quite odd.

Gozum_NT at OIT, Jan 2000:
Most interesting. On a quick read however, the patent is expired and the original design is not the design in production. Has the new frame been patented?

Chris Newport, Jan 2000:
So if I understand correctly, what is patented is the 'sum of the parts' rather than specific features such as the locking mechanism or the 'second fold' concept.


Giles Robinson, Oct 1999:
What does one call a Brompton rider? A Bromptonaut? A Bromptoneer? I like the former, but maybe the -naut ending has nautical connections -- sailing on the good ship Brompton?

Bob Gelman, Oct 1999:
How about "Bromptonist" with all its potential political and philosophical connotations.

De Clarke, Oct 1999:
brompter? bromptist? bromptonian? bromptometrist :-) bromptier? (-iere)?

Georg Koenigsberg, Oct 1999:
Have a Bromptuous day!

De Clarke, Oct 1999:
Bromptuous! I like it! it leads naturally to Bromptuosity "
A true Bromptuoso can fold a T5 in 10 seconds while airily whistling a Puccini aria and staring off into the middle distance at the approaching No. 16 bus...."

Michael Lewis, Oct 1999:
Les Bromptonoise Il a été baptisé ! Drapeau2
Verb: Bromptonner

De Clarke, Oct 1999:
Bromp-san? not nearly deferential enough, especially from those inferior cumbersome riders :-)

Giles Robinson, Oct 1999:
And what what about a verb meaning "to ride a Brompton"? To brompt (brompting / brompted)? To brompton (brompton(n)ing / brompton(n)ed)? Can we distinguish between simply riding one and undertaking a purposeful journey (e.g. getting to work)?

De Clarke, Oct 1999:
oh, surely "to bromp", as in "I took a little bromp around the waterfront" or "Bromping through Europe".
of course, here in the States no dedicated jargon-head could resist coining a horrid new "ize" word, so transit planners here would obviously talk about "bromptonizing" and "forming a working group to study the cost/benefit aspects of bromptonization".
actually now that I consider it, "to brom" has its appeal also. "There I was, just bromming along" has a nice ring. Perhaps "to brompt" refers to the sensation of riding on a roughish surface, whereas "to brom" indicates the swan-like serene glide of a well-metalled road (or linoleum ;->) Or perhaps one "brompts" to work, but "broms" for fun?
the more medically-inclined could refer to "bromptonation" as a means of forward progress.

Giles Robinson, Oct 1999:
Finally, is there an adjective meaning "the sate of being where one would like to buy a Brompton, but can't justify the expense"?

Traduction: Enfin, y-a-t-il un adjectif pour signifier «être dans l'état de vouloir acheter, sans pour pouvoir justifier la dépense»? Il a été baptisé ! Drapeau2

De Clarke, Oct 1999:
well, there's "wannabe" -- maybe what you describe is the state of "wanna-B"?
Le mot wannabe en anglais veut dire littéralement "Veut être" mais dans une idée de fantasme.
Celui qui veut acheter un Brompton sans pouvoir justifier sa dépense, est donc un WANNA - B - Il a été baptisé ! Mortderi
Il a été baptisé ! Donquichote
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Nombre de messages : 6087
Age : 55
Localisation : Ath Belgium
Mon Brompton: : M9R double plateau Black
Date d'inscription : 17/12/2005

Il a été baptisé ! Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Il a été baptisé !   Il a été baptisé ! EmptyDim 01 Juin 2008, 20:25

j'aime beaucoup le "verbe" bromptonner ! Laughing Laughing Laughing

De tous les peuples de la Gaule, ce sont les Belges les plus braves !
Il a été baptisé ! Ride_a11
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Il a été baptisé ! Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Il a été baptisé !   Il a été baptisé ! Empty

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Il a été baptisé !
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